The Basics

Marrow Market

Connects local farmers to customers in a way that hasn’t been available before. We facilitate same day deliveries of locally sourced, sustainably raised food. Browse items in stock that we’ve sourced from the best local farms based on methods, mindfulness, and flavor.

Are you looking to make a lifestyle change or be more mindful about where your food comes from? We’ve been there and it can be overwhelming, but we can help you take it on headstrong. We have curated the best products to help you enjoy and experience food in a new delicious way. Regardless of your journey we want to provide.

Our Vision

We are focused on creating connections to strengthen the local food system. Our concept is based not only on just bringing you convenience and top quality local food, but to spark that community and conversation built over the experience of food. Food is not only fuel or sustenance, but we believe it’s about investing in ourselves and health.

We believe that local producers and consumers can share this experience and build a great community. The experience behind our passion and movement comes from hours in kitchens of restaurants, homes, and even remote mountain catering gigs. We conclude that no matter the setting you can find your local source and let your creativity loose. Because eating local and even healthy doesn’t have to be inconvenient or time consuming, we’ve got you covered taking away the stress and question of how to eat well.

Our Team


Tom Clutter developed an early passion for food, honed by training under two Culinary Institute of America Graduates. He has eleven years experience as a chef in restaurants and private catering – always focused on locally sourced food and warm hospitality. Tom is inspired to bring a global mindset to the Midwest, and reinvigorate new traditions of food experience.